1.  ANY Motor Combo, Multiple Power Adders Allowed 

2.  ANY Tire (Slick or Street) Any Size 

3.  No weight limitations 

4.  NO Full Round Tube Chassis, ANY Back half OK, Front 2X3 Boxed Frame OK (Weld or Bolt-In), Round Tube Bolt-In Front Frame Section OK on Factory Unibody Cars that came from the factory with an un-bolt able frame section ONLY, ANY Suspension is allowed  

5.  Must Be Door Vehicles, Factory Dash -Replica Zus-In Dash Allowed, Interior Must Be As Complete As Possible.  2 Seats Need To Be Installed Unless Turbo/Supercharger Inner Cool or NOS Bottles Are Located In Passenger Seat Location. 

6.  MUST Have Mufflers (Collector Cone Type Mufflers OK)

7. Currently Decals/Sponsor Advertising are Allowed On Any Body Panels.  Possibly prohibiting decals on body panels next season. 


(Outlaw Rules Also Apply)


Racer will compete on a 10.00 Index. Winners of each round of competition will be determined by closest to the index, on a True Break-Out with a E.T. & MPH. DQ only coming into effect if the vehicle and/or driver are not certified to run quicker than a 9.99 or faster than 135mph (As Per NHRA Rule) and have track required safety equipment. NHRA rules are outlined in the current years NHRA rule book and additional Track requirements for running quicker than a 9.99 and 135mph are simple: Engine blanket or belly-pan

1.   Any Tire Will Be Allowed 

2. NO Lexan Windows Except For Trucks and Roadsters Where Rollbars Must Go Through Rear Window.

3.   NO Forward Facing Hood Scoops Unless Factory Style/Manufacture Installed, ie. Six-Pak, Cobra Jet. (Above Hood Blower Scoop/Air Cleaners OK, Hood May Be Removed But Air Cleaner Must Then Be Ran –NHRA Rule)

4.   MUST Have Factory Dash, Two Front Seats, and Functional Headlights & Tail Lights, Door Windows Must Go Up and Down

5. NO Decals/Sponsor Advertising Allowed On Any Body Panel -- Windows Only (Small Conservative Engine Builder/Size Decal Allowed on side of Cowl Hood

6. ANY Engine Size, Power Adder, Combinations Allowed. Must Run True Mufflers, (No Exhaust Header Cones allowed)

7.  No wheelie bars or parachutes allowed

8.   ANY Weight and Suspension Allowed, Chassis Rules Same As Outlaw




This Class Is For Vehicles Running 11.50 and Slower, Indexed class will be ran on a True Break-out Type racing format. In the event of a double break-out, closest to the index will be declared the winner as long as the winning vehicle meets NHRA requirements for running quicker than 11.50.

1.  Any Engine Size, May Have One Power Adder i.e.  NOS, Supercharger or Turbo. Must Run True Mufflers (No Collector Cones).

2.  Stock Frame. Front suspension in stock location, Bolt On Tubular K Member & A-Arms are allowed.  Rear Suspension Modifications I.E. Ladder bar or Four Link are Allowed.

3.  Vehicle May Have a Roll Bar, No Certified Full RollCage Allowed.  Must Have Factory Dash (no aftermarket plastic / fiberglass dash’s allowed) and Two Front Seats. All External Lights Must Be Functional.

4.  Vehicle May Have A Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber Hood Only. All Other Body Panels Must Be Factory. No Stickers/Decals Allowed On Any Body Panels – Rear Quarter Windows and Rear Window Only. (Windshield Banner Decal OK )

5.  Any size DOT allowed

6.  No Bracket Racing Electronic Devices Allowed i.e. Throttle Stops, Delay Boxes, Air or Electronic Shifters , or Trans Brakes

7.  Vehicles May Be Driven or Trailered to the Track But Must Have Current Plate/Registration.

General Rules


Race Directors Call is Final On All Disputes


1.  All Vehicles Must Meet NHRA Guidelines For Roll Bar, Roll Cage,  E.T. and MPH Requirements. – 11.50 Roll Bar -- 9.99 Roll Cage Will Be Enforced at All Events.

2.  NHRA Competition License Required For All Racers Running Faster Than 9.99 and/or 135 MPH

3.  Outlaw and True Street Pairings Will Be Luck of The Draw. Easy Street Pairings Will Be Randomly Pulled At The Rear Of The Staging Lanes By An AFSC Official.

4.  Sportsman Like Conduct Must Be Displayed At All Times During The Event.

5.  Any Driver Drawing A Bye Round Must Make The Pass.

6.  Competition Bye (Opponent Unable to Make That Round) Must Make A Full Ό Mile Run. 

7.  All Drivers Must Follow Official Starters Prompt To Stage Their Vehicle.  


Time Between Rounds Is Out Of Our Control.

Targeted Time Between Rounds - No Longer Than 30 min.

We want cars that ARE STREET CARS or as close as possible to a street car. Remember we want to keep this simple and fun for EVERYONE! If you have any doubts about your car eligibility, e-mail or call BEFORE showing up!!